/Welcoming the Backstreet

Welcoming the Backstreet

Students returning to St Clair County Community College for the fall semester might have noticed something missing from College Center. The Bistro is no more, and in its place is the Backstreet Cafe.

Information regarding the new café is readily available to all students on the college’s web site, including hours and a menu. The information can be found under “Food Services,” or by typing “Backstreet” into the search area.

From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., students may sate their hunger by picking up a meal from the food line. At 3 p.m. the Backstreet Cafe transitions to a grab and go that remains open until 7 p.m.

Pizza, nachos, sandwiches and soups are but a few of the foods that’ll be available to the students and faculty. Prices range from $1 to $6.

Debbie Belcher of St. Clair Shores, age 49, is one of the owners of the Backstreet Deli, which runs the Backstreet Café. According to Belcher, college functions, including events run by the various clubs found here at SC4, will have access to catering from the café.

The catering menu can also be found on the college’s web site, along with prices.

Belcher said that she and her husband, Joe Belcher, have been running the Backstreet Deli for a little over a year now.

It was in June, 2010, that the Backstreet Deli first opened its doors. A place where Joe and Debbie Belcher could blend “their experience to create a one of a kind old fashioned deli that is full of Michigan products,” as stated on the Backstreet Deli’s web site.

“Our specialty is in the area of customer satisfaction and great quality,” taken from the Backstreet Deli’s web site.

For more information regarding the Backstreet Deli, and the story of its owners Joe and Debbie Belcher, students may visit http://superiorbackstreetdeli.com.

Danielle Kennedy

Copy Editor