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Try me

Clay is expanding? But I’m on a diet, unless we are talking about the section of the Fine Arts Department.

If you were here last spring, you probably noticed the large amount of free props in the main hallway of the Fine Arts Building. Rumor had it that the Theater department was downsizing their prop storage in order to make more room for the expansion of the clay section.

Tom Kephart, adjunct instructor in the Visual and Performing Arts Department, was contacted for a Q and A session about the rumor. He said that Room 30 was used for prop storage and theater classrooms, but due to the increase in student enrollment in clay courses with the relative stability of theater classes prompted the clearing of props from the room in order to make a more efficient use of space in the Fine Arts Building.

Kephart was unsure as to why clay enrollment is up, but he says it is probably due to the cycle of art style popularity causing a resurgence of clay crafts. Another contribution would be the childhood clay classes of past years causing a reoccurrence of the desire to learn clay once those students reach college years.

Though he is an instructor of the performing arts section of the Fine Arts Department, Kephart said he was glad to see the props being recycled into student hands instead of sitting on shelves gaining dust, taking up space and being forgotten.

There is still no word on the whereabouts of the generations’ old sign from the Fine Arts Building declaring “Need an elective? Try clay.”

Clay Kimball