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Zach Penzien Photo Credit Clay Kimball

Studying up

Schools in for fall! That’s how the song goes right? Anyways, it is time to get back into the habit of studying for the sake of our grades. But how could anyone get back into studying after a long summer?

Zach Penzien Photo Credit Clay Kimball
Zach Penzien Photo Credit Clay Kimball

Some students and faculty shared their tips about getting back into the habit.

Trio Head Misty Kemp had this to say about studying:

“One of the big things I tell students is to establish a habit, a pattern you do on a regular basis. For instance if there’s a special place at your house that you like to study, go to that place, mark that time as study time. So that your body gets in the habit of ‘okay, every time I’m sitting at this chair at this table, my brain goes into its study time.’ Whereas for some folks if you’re bouncing all around, you’re still taking in the environment, it’s hard to calm your mind. It’s hard to focus on what you’re doing, but after a while behavioral patterns affect cognitive patterns so if you’re constantly going to the same table and the same chair, or maybe it’s in the library you’re sitting at the same kiosk your brain automatically goes ‘oh, at this place I’m supposed to be studying.’ Almost a conditioning. The other thing I tell folks is there’s so many different methods out there, try them all see which one works best for you. For some it’s highlighting in their book, for others it’s taking notes, for some it may be recording lectures, others it could be group study, and for some it’s individual. Try it all; see what works best and you might find that you’re going to pick and choose from a few things that always seem to benefit you a little more.”

Student Government Secretary Alysia Burge, 19, of Port Huron, says that she likes to, “Grab a bottle of water, all my study materials, put my phone on silent, find a quiet space, and focus.”

This ensures that Burge is prepared for studying and is less likely to be distracted.

Student Government President Doug Johnson, 20, of Yale, advises not forcing yourself to study and taking breaks every hour or so to relax. By doing so, it isn’t such a pain to study and you’re more willing to continue with your studies.

Clay Kimball