//SC4 plays host to the arts

SC4 plays host to the arts

St. Clair County Community College played host to Studio 1219’s “Hands on Art” event the weekend of Sept. 17-18.

The event took over the college’s Fine Arts Building, and the Student Center’s Atrium and Café.

SC4 alumni Jenny Walker, 59, greeted new arrivals with information regarding the “Hands on Arts” event, and just what it had to offer.

For example, if someone felt like brushing up on their painting abilities, both kids and adults could partake in the “Van-Go Art Classes,” or perhaps the raku pottery glazing.

For those that just wanted to sit back and watch, there were demonstrations of other arts forms, such as wood carving, and musical performances in the Fine Arts Building’s theater.

“It’s all free and it is community organized,” said Walker, “They help (Studio)1219 and it is all done by volunteers.”

Walker described the event’s goal as, “To get the community interested in art, especially younger children. To encourage them to see art as more than just play.”

Traci Fordt of Marine City, 52, was a first time attendee of the event and said that she really liked it, and all that it provided for the kids. How it got the kids involved in the arts.

Fordt went on to say that she not only plans on attending the event again, but that she plans on taking classes at Studio 1219.

When asked if SC4 would be hosting the “Hands on Art” event again next year, Walker said, “We’re hoping so. From what I’ve heard, SC4 was very kind to donate the space without charge to the studio.”

According to Walker, this had been the events fifth year running, but in previous years it had been called “Fire and Ice.” She believed that due to the name change, some may not have because they may not have realized that “Hands on Art” was “Fire and Ice.”

Walker hopes that the new name catches on and that next year will be even better.

Danielle Kennedy

Copy Editor