/SC4 Music Club

SC4 Music Club

Look out SC4 students, the Music Club is back and ready to blow your mind.

If you’re looking to expand your mind musically you have definitely come to the right place. The SC4 music club welcomes all music lovers with open arms. The club holds its meetings every Tuesday at noon in the rehearsal hall.

Founded by former student Jack Wellington and current student Ryan Hiller, the SC4 music club has been around since the winter semester of 2011.

The club’s goal is to expand out further than the school and reach the community.

“I want the club to become an organization, like a record label without all of the drama,” said Wellington.

The club would also like to help bring out the raw talent SC4 students have to offer.
“I want to lay a foundation for future students,” explained Hiller.

The Music Club is also hoping to visit homeless shelters in and around the Port Huron area and play for the residents, and to do some Christmas caroling at local nursing homes during the holiday season.

But their biggest goal is putting together a big concert at the end of the semester. Where students can play original pieces of their own and showcase their musical talents.

Dan Dunsmore, a first year student majoring in liberal arts, is a new member of the club. When asked why he joined, he said “My cousin is a member and he invited me to come along since he knew I loved music.”

The club is focusing on being heard and getting their music and vocals out beyond the school so they can move onto bigger things, such as playing at the festivals and events that go on in Port Huron.

The SC4 Music Club doesn’t judge a person’s musical abilities, so leave any worries at the door and expand your musical horizons.

Jessica Jack

Staff Writer