/Reader discretion advised

Reader discretion advised

Warm sand between your toes. The sun on your back. The smell of meat barbequing in the breeze. It’s sad to think summer is coming to an end. But hey, maybe you’ll get to read about sunshine in one of your text books.

Ok, so that may be a little unlikely and a little more deceptive, but nevertheless, school has begun.

For those of us who aren’t virgins to college life, we know that the next 16 weeks of our bleak existence will be spent chained to a desk, possibly with wires holding open our eyes, as coffee is pumped directly into our veins through an IV while we ingest massive amounts of knowledge.

Perseverance, caffeine, and maybe a little bit of weeping in the corner from time to time, and two years later, wah-la!  You will waltz across the stage in the Fine Arts Building with an associate’s degree in hand, a single tear of pure joy running down your rosy little cheek.

Welcome back, Skippers! It’s time to buckle down.

Freedom doesn’t have to be swept away with the summer breeze. Even if you’re too burdened with homework, class, work, home life, and a social life to think about those crazy, far-away things like free time and sleep, there are ways you can multitask.

Just be careful while you juggle the responsibilities in the story of your life.

After you can manage multi-tasking and functioning on the moldy scraps of sleep, try to remind yourself why you persist with self-inflicted torture. Is it because you are crazy? Maybe you enjoy pain?

Of course, most substantially, the sought after degree is obviously at the end of the dank tunnel.

But what do you want out of college? Why even take these classes, suffer through mundane lectures and hours of note-taking, if you’re just in it for the grade?

If you’re not genuinely interested in the classes you sign up for, why did you sign up for them?  Take something that will spark your interest. You are paying them.

Try to maintain some sanity among all the chaos that is to come. Find things that will help you unwind.

Don’t let stress and homework get you down. Sometimes life is about everything you can accomplish when you’re not actually accomplishing much of anything.

Alyssha Ginzel

Guest Columnist