/Piped up
Pipe organ photo credit Christian

Piped up

Ladies and gentlemen, the king has arrived.

The king of instruments that is.
St. Clair County Community College completes the assembly of a new pipe organ donated by the University of Michigan.

Pipe organ photo credit Christian
Pipe organ photo credit Christian

Assembly of the pipe organ was on the backburner due to the recent construction in the Fine Arts Building.
“It took the whole summer,” said Visual and Performing Arts instructor, Mary Hackstock. “It was a big project.”
The organ was free to SC4, but the instrument required a specialist to professionally install it. Aside from the organ being installed, a protective glass casing was also constructed.
However, protective casing does not hide the size or beauty of the instrument.
“I was very impressed by how much there was to the organ,” said Steven Williams, a SC4 student currently studying music appreciation. “I’d love to just sit in there for a couple hours and just mess with it.”
Before the pipe organ was installed, professors were required to meet at various locations to teach organ, according to Hackstock.
The pipe organ will be used to teach organ students and to assist the choir in concert recitals.
“It opens SC4 up to more opportunities,” says Hackstock. “Great organ performers can finally play here.”

Lauren Creech
Guest Writer