/Forget fast food

Forget fast food

With SC4’s fall semester underway, students are on the go; on campus and downtown Port Huron.

Breaks in between classes are hard to find, but when the time comes, where do students go to eat?

One café in the Downtown area, Atrium Café, appears to be a favourite. Sara Miller, studying to be an X-ray Technician at SC4, said the, “Atrium Café is my favourite place to go in between classes.”

Opened in 2008 by retired PHASD teacher Rock Stevens, and wife Gayle, the Atrium Café takes the 1890’s atmosphere to a whole new level.

According the Café’s website, Stevens decorated and restored the building by obtaining artefacts from demolished Victorian homes in the Port Huron area.

Stevens is also the greeter in the restaurant, while wife Gayle prepares food in the kitchen, making everything from Corned Beef Hash for breakfast, to a Hot Fudge Cream Puff for dessert. The menu also features many other lunch, dinner and breakfast items, along with soft-serve ice-cream.

SC4 alumni Dayne Edmondson, Port Huron, said, “I like the atmosphere, and the artefacts on the walls. The food is pretty good also.”

Edmondson also said “I sometimes come here after work and have a bite to eat and work on homework.”

The Atrium Cafe is located on 1519 Military St., in Port Huron. You can contact the Atrium Cafe for more information by either calling (810) 989-6002, or emailing info@atriumcafe.net.

Breigh Forstner

Guest Writer