/Dale Vos the boss

Dale Vos the boss

Going into his eighteenth year as St. Clair County Community College’s Athletic Director, Coach Dale Vos shared his views on the upcoming school year in sports.

In the new school year, SC4 will be having approximately 100 student athletes play in the various sports held at that the college. Thirty-nine of those students, according to Vos, will be rewarded with athletic related scholarships.

Vos is also the coach of the men’s basketball team and the golf team at the college.

When asked about the number of seniors coming back, Vos said, “We‘re going to have three players coming back for men’s basketball and zero for golf…so I had a lot of recruiting to do.”

With the upcoming season in men’s basketball, Vos is wasting no time getting ready for the road ahead.

Players are already warming up every day in the college gym to keep in shape and keep their skills up. Practice will officially start for the basketball team, according to Vos, after Labor Day weekend.

Speaking of new acquisitions, Vos is proud to welcome the new coaches of the baseball and women’s basketball team. Lakita Gantz will fill the role of Lady Skippers Basketball head coach, and Mike Green will be starting as the head coach for the baseball team.

Even though Vos has to think about the upcoming year in athletics, he still keeps his excitement high.

Vos said, “The neat thing about community college athletics is that every year is whole new deal…it’s exciting every year…it’s exciting to see how it’s going to be new and different.”

The new school year is off and going and the volleyball team is first on the list for athletics this year. First home game for the Lady Skippers is Sept. 13, at 7 p.m.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor