/Road trippin’

Road trippin’

It is the end of summer. Classes are about to start up, the beaches aren’t as filled, and you want to finish up the summer right. How do you do that? Why not take a road trip.

In these economic times, road trips are less common due to the increased cost of fuel. But, with preparation, road trips can be a fun and fiscally responsible pastime.

Preparation starts with finding a group of friends to go on a trip with. The more people in the vehicle, the more fun and cheaper the gasoline cost. The more friends involved also creates a larger selection of cars to use, increasing the chance of finding a car suitable for a road trip, i.e. high fuel efficiency and comfortable.

It might not be the most masculine idea to fit four men into a Ford Focus, but it will be a comfortable one. For your backs and wallets.

Next, you find a time and destination for your trip.

Trips started earlier in the morning allow for more flexibility in schedules, but planning around events means specific start times for trips. An impromptu, one day trip can start at seven in the morning and last all day or start at 5pm on a Friday night and last all weekend.

A destination is the biggest part of a road trip, but also potentially the least rigid.

If the driving in a road trip is the batter of the cake, the destination is the frosting. It’s what you look forward to, and what wraps the whole trip together.

Large, multi-day trips usually require a rigidly set destination in terms of location, but still allow for in-location flexibility. Example: going to Mackinac doesn’t require you to go on the island the day after you arrive.

The shorter the trip, however, the more flexible the possibilities are. A great trip can be made up on the spot and be seemingly pointless. In the words of adjunct professor Robert Kroll, “You could make an entire road trip out on just driving up M-25 from Port Huron and hitting every ice-cream place on the way up.”

If you need ideas, just go to a Michigan Welcome Center, or a Michigan tourism site, and look around. All the information is free and you can find events and places nearby you’ve never even heard of before. If you don’t feel like planning, road trip the easy way then, get on the road and drive from city to city. Make your own adventure.

The most important part of the trip, though, is to have fun. So plan properly, bring your best friends, and have a nice trip.

Clay Kimball