/Guatemala Update

Guatemala Update

Earlier this week, we spent time in the English class of Cunori East, San Carlos University Students. During the class, their English Professor does not allow use of Spanish, English only during the two hour class. The Professor tells the students if they speak Spanish, he will penalize them five Quetzales, Guatemalan currency.

The students asked many questions requarding what it was like as students at our college, questions such as what type of programs were offered. I asked the Professor and his students if they would like to practice their English further by perhaps writing a newsletter for the “”Erie Square Gazette,” explaining that we could link it to our paper.

The students and Professor were very excited about that, so this is a project I will be working on when I get back.

There is instant acceptctance by the citizens we have met. My host family, my “sister” Katherine’s father handed me a set of keys to their house. Talk about trust, handing a set of keys to a person you met a couple hours earlier!

A shot taken the first night at a welcome dinner hosted by the Facutly and staff of the university.

Thursday we visited a Volcano. It was quite a adventure treking up the rustic road ( more of a trail). Half way up our host secured a pickup truck for the rest of trip.

Talk about a surreal moment. SC4 students swimmimng in a lagoon at the top of a volcano….SC4 students swimming at the TOP of a volcano in a lagoon. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

Yesterday we went to Salida a Rio Dulce, in the city of Livingston Guatemala. We toured their version of the DNR (department of Natural Resources, after which we took a beautiful boat ride on the river, seeing the rain forest and Carribean sea during the ride.

Internet access varies here depending on which area of the ccity you are in. Student Matt Boyd has great Internet access at the residence of his host family. Rachel and Jonathan don’t have easy access to internet. I do have access at my host family’s house, but hesitate to overuse this privilege.

This morning we will be delivering the books collected by SC4 students to the orphanage in Chicumula. This afternoon we are guests of honor at the graduation of the students in the Journalism program at CUNORI .

Twana Pinskey