/Students Get Their Recognition

Students Get Their Recognition

On Wednesday, April 13, the Fine Arts Theatre played host SC4 Student Recognition Ceremony, which recognized students for their hard work in the fall and winter semesters.

The Ceremony opened with a welcoming introduction by President Dr. Kevin Pollock, followed by Pete Lacey the Vice President of Student Services, with the Master of Ceremonies. A total of 167 students received awards.

The awards consisted of the Achievement awards chosen by where students are recommended by the faculty, followed by the All-USA, All-Michigan, All-SC4 Academic Team Awards that are chosen by a special committee of faculty members, then the Del James Blessinger Family Outstanding Student Awards chosen by faculty members and then finally the Faculty Memorial Awards for Continuing Students.

Once all of the awards were handed out, Angel Chirco, the student activities, orientation and international programs coordinator, introduced both the 2010-2011 and the new 2011-2012 student government officers.

Once the new officers were introduced, Angel announced the winner of the netbook raffle. Out of the 167 students that won awards, Steven Williams received a laptop brought by the student government.

Jessica Jack

Staff Writer