Should I stay or should I go?

“Get involved in the political process,” advised Senator Phil Pavlov during his keynote speech at the “I will stay if…” event, atop the Vintage Tavern in Downtown Port Huron, Thursday afternoon.

Senator Pavlov was one of dozens of attendees for the event, organized by the Blue Water Young Professionals, that invited the “movers and shakers” of Port Huron to “Help inform our leaders what will make a more successful Port Huron and a more successful Michigan”. Senator Pavlov is also a former SC4 student.

The crowd in the Vintage Tavern, for the "I will stay if..." event. Photo by Cody Kimball

The crowd in the Vintage Tavern, for the "I will stay if..." event. Photo by Cody Kimball

It was standing room only at the meeting, with people from a variety of backgrounds and industries, from government officials to high school students, business owners to entrepreneurs, even SC4 Board of Trustees member Robert Tansky was spotted in the crowd. “[The turnout] represents what the future of what the state of Michigan is going to look like,” Senator Pavlov said.

Attendees had photos taken with their idea to make the community more successful.

Trina Kern-Avedision, President of Citizens for a Vibrant Community, expressed a desire to see more support for community events. She is also an SC4 graduate and former Erie Square Gazette writer, and WSGR DJ. “We’re big supporters,” said Angela Kelley, the Community Liaison for the CVC, “we’re throwing events in and around the area, and we need the thirty-something families to be able to work.”

Family was a common sentiment during the event.

Matt Selepack, 31, explained that he moved back to Port Huron from Orlando, because his family is in the area, and he had a child. He is planning on opening an Ad Agency in Port Huron. “I’m looking to see whose moving and shaking in Port Huron.” His business partner, John Loshaw, also had a child and came to get some guidance. “I’m networking tonight,” Loshaw said.

James Glover, of Parking Carma, has been working in Port Huron for a few years. “We need to really capture why people stay in big cities like Chicago,” said Glover. “It’s a great event to start up and get people talking!”

Cody Kimball


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