SC4 students run for city council

New ideas for old problems.”

That’s the slogan SC4 Students Thomas Grambau & Jeremy Ruiz are running with in their campaigns for Port Huron city council.

Thomas Grambau Jr., 18, is a broadcast and radio arts major at SC4 who wants to bring some changes and make the city more inviting to a younger generation.

Sc4 Student candidates for city council Jeremy Ruiz and Thomas Grambau Photo by Twana Pinskey

Sc4 Student candidates for city council Jeremy Ruiz and Thomas Grambau Photo by Twana Pinskey

Jeremy Ruiz, 19, is yet undecided on a major, but hopes to bring a fresh start to Port Huron.

Grambau would like to be a messenger of the people and Ruiz wants to bring back a sense of community to Port Huron.

Events they would like to work on include the float down and others that have been successful in the past. Jeremy would also like to see the McMorran auditorium used for events more often. They both see downtown Port Huron is an untapped resource.

Just having one of us win or come extremely close would be a victory in us, just to show that younger people are still interested in politics.” Grambau said.

Ruiz feels that “the generation in charge is not getting the job done” and that it is the upcoming generation’s job to “pick up the slack and get the job done”.

Grambau says that the city has some issues. He would like know their inner workings and do what he can as an elected official to make people feel Port Huron is a better place to live.

The pair said Port Huron, with its beautiful beaches, exceptional community college and a wonderful downtown scene has the ability to become a really great city.

Both gentlemen are willing to answer questions of the voters so their ideas are known to the community. Thomas’s e-mail is Jeremy’s is

Ballots for candidates are due in by August 16, with 75-100 signatures.

Elections will be held Tuesday, November 8.

Ray Robinson

Managing Editor

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