/My New York in Three Days
The Statue of Liberty in Liberty Island. Photo by Amber Downs

My New York in Three Days

If you think it’s impossible to see most of New York in three days, you’re definitely wrong.

My adventure with the Port Huron Northern band to the Big Apple was anything but boring. After a 16 hour bus ride, we started at the American Museum of Natural History, ran to Central Park, watched “Memphis,’ explored Times Square, headed south to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, played a show on Liberty Island, toured Wall Street and Ground Zero, danced at Blue Man Group, braved the top of the Empire State Building, roamed around NBC studio and finally checked out Comedy Sportz.

At my first stop, I was flabbergasted. The American Museum of Natural History was astonishing. I felt like a child in a candy shop; running from hall to hall, trying to soak up all the knowledge and culture at my disposal.

I fit in with all the youngsters, though, especially on the dinosaur floor. Children were running around, stomping, “ROARRRR”ing, and dragging their heels as it was time to go.

The Statue of Liberty in Liberty Island. Photo by Amber Downs
The Statue of Liberty in Liberty Island. Photo by Amber Downs

After my group had to forcibly remove me from the museum, we ventured to a street vendor, had our first New York hot dogs then explored Central Park. I was shocked at how dog-friendly the place was, how many beautiful dogs I saw and how well behaved they were.

Even if the trees weren’t flourishing with green, the park was still spectacular to see.

My trip as a whole was fantastic, but there was one thing that really rubbed me the wrong way. Ground Zero. Now I know what you’re thinking. “It was over ten years ago!” But that’s not my point.

I had expected to go to Ground Zero and see a barren wasteland, maybe the makings of an open memorial/park. But to my great disappointment, I was met with the rebuilding of the Twin Towers.

Words can not even begin to describe the knot that had formed in my stomach at the sight of all the construction. But that knot soon dissipated as we neared the excitement surrounding Blue Man Group!

That is hands down, the best show I’ve ever been to. Great music and great laughs; what could be better? I highly suggest if you have the opportunity to see them, you take advantage of it.

The last day in good old NY lead me stumbling around the top of the Empire State Building. The wind was unfathomable. Regardless that it messed up my hair, the view was breathtaking, even at such a dizzying height.

The typical New Yorker stereotype is rude. True as that may be, the excitement, culture, and diversity in this one city is fascinating and worth every penny. And with a Starbucks on every corner, how bad can it really be?

Amber Downs

Staff Writer