“Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My”

Lions, bears, baboons, geese and even a zebra or two have been seen lurking the halls of SC4’s Fine Arts Building.

Escapees from a visiting circus? In actuality they were students from adjunct instructor Lisa Sturtridge’s theatre and stage makeup class.

Cougar-Kassie Piotrowski by Twana Pinskey

Cougar-Kassie Piotrowski by Twana Pinskey

According to Sturtridge, 19 students are in the class. She explained the makeup class can be of use in several different disciplines such as theatre, art and teaching. Anyone with a degree in teaching would benefit from a makeup class explained Sturtridge. “Who’s going to do the plays in school? Often it is English teachers” said Sturtridge.

Zebra-Britney McKierman-By Twana Pinskey

Zebra-Britney McKierman-By Twana Pinskey

Sophomore Kassie Piotrowski, a communications design major of Goodells, explained she is able to use the class as an aspect of design. “Outside of this class, I have been able to utilize what I learned” said Piotrowski. “I’ll be a hit at Halloween” she replied. Student Britney McKiernan said she liked taking the class. “This class will be very helpful to me if I choose to continue pursuing theatre,” explained McKiernan.

Besides the fun of participation in the class, Sturtridge’s students are already getting noticed for their work. One student recently did the makeup at Central Middle School drama club’s production of “The Velveteen Rabbit.” Masks they created as part of their lessons on Commedia dellarte, a form of improvisational comedy around since 16thCentury Italy, will be exhibited at studio 1219 in Port Huron.

The theatre makeup course will be offered fall 2011. According to Sturtridge, it is not very often the course is offered in the fall, and classes are expected to fill quickly. Students interested in information on this course can contact 810-989-5709.

Twana Pinskey


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