/Insidious” is hardly

Insidious” is hardly


I’ve never been big on scary movies, but as far as they go, this one is missable.

“Insidious” starts off, as many a scary story does, with a family arriving at a brand new home. The family quickly realizes something is wrong when objects begin moving on their own, and one of their sons goes into what is believed to be a bizarre coma.

Contrary to the typical habits of a horror film family, they actually leave the potentially haunted house for a new one, only to discover that it isn’t the house that is haunted, but the son himself. The grief-stricken parents, of course, take all necessary steps to try and save their child, even contacting a team of paranormal investigators to help. This is when of course things get really out of hand.insidious-uk-poster

Demons, ghosts, spirits, and all manner of darkness descend upon them. Visually, the movie is decent, far better than “Paranormal Activity” or “The Last Exorcism”, but of roughly equal fear factor, and has a somewhat unique style to its visual effects.

It maintains a good pace, with good buildup, and a nice twist in the end, qualities that are missing in many scary films. It does have a few perverse laughs, such as demons enjoying the song “Tiptoe through the Tulips” by Tiny Tim.

Can’t help but chuckle at that one.

If you want to see Insidious wait for the DVD, watch it on Halloween as a good buildup to a scarier movie.

Cody Kimball