/Health and Wellness Expo has a peel

Health and Wellness Expo has a peel

On Thursday, April 7, SC4’s Health and Wellness Club held the Health and Wellness Expo in the SC4 College Center. The expo featured representatives from numerous organizations centered around improving personal wellness.

The MSU Extension, County of St. Clair Health Department, Curves, and the Teen Health Center were among some of the exhibits providing information to students.

The expo was free to all students. Those who attended received complementary fruit and were entered into drawings for door prizes.

Kay McGuigan of the wellness committee on campus said, “The benefit is to expose our students and staff to education on a better life [and] other forms of healthy living.”

The Expo has been a regular event at the college for several years. “Over time, people ask more about it and what will be in it next,” said McGuigan.

Denise Hagan, representative of the County of St. Clair Health Department, thinks it shows people more options on staying healthy. By her estimates, the Expo had close to 200 participants. “It’s a good turnout.”

Carol Bublitz of the MSU extension said MSU has been at every expo. Her table had 87 visitors by 1:30PM. Bublitz enjoys the expo because it brings a large amount of info into one location so students do not have to search for it.

Attendees, such as Gregory Rushton, 20, of Fort Gratiot, had mixed feelings about the expo. “Interesting, lots of information,” said Rushton, “I think it was targeted to a much older audience.”

Clay Kimball

Guest Writer