/Cody’s Chaos Column 58-14

Cody’s Chaos Column 58-14

Prepare to catch Pac-Man Fever… again! “World’s Biggest Pac-Man” (www.worldsbiggestpacman.com) combines the familiar game play of Pac-Man with the creativity of the Sims, and the online multiplayer style of Farmville.

The site allows any Facebook user to login and create their very own “Pac-Man” map, complete with dots, ghosts, fruits, and power pellets. Each exit portal transports you to another user’s created map.

And the maps are not random each time either; they maintain a finite location. This will most certainly eat up whatever remaining free time the Internet has yet to deprive you of.

For anyone who has ever been victim of identity theft, Facebook phishing, or email spying, there is finally a fun tool to help you choose that most sacred of web phrases, your password.

“How Secure is My Password” (www.howsecureismypassword.com) is a simple and mildly entertaining webtool that estimates how long an average home PC would take to figure out your password. As you type in your password, each character renders an estimate in real-time.

The tool is not entirely accurate. It claims to operate on 50 percent mathematics and 51 percent witchcraft, but it does give you a rough idea how secure your key of choice is.

It informed me that my password would take roughly 10 years to break. My friend Jeremy’s however, would take 82 novemdecillion years. Another interesting feature is that short phrases, like certain dubious four letter words, fall into the category of “500 most common passwords”. Definitely ones to avoid.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Chaos Column this year. I look forward to seeing what next year brings, with “Clay’s Chaos Column!”

Cody Kimball