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Chirco handles SC4 activities

Angel Chirco is SC4’s new Student Activities, Orientation and International Programs Coordinator.

Chirco has been working with SC4 for two years now. She started out as an Enrollment Services Representative in the One Stop, allowing her to know both the campus and students better.

Since working at the One Stop, Chirco has completed her master’s degree in global and international education, with a concentration in higher education.

Chirco said, “I believe that the combination of experience/success at SC4, education in the field of education, and various past leadership and professional experiences is what led me to this position.”

As her job title implies, Chirco has many duties. One part of her job includes coordinating with club advisers and assisting students with clubs and organizations. She also works toward a revised orientation process for students.

Chirco also works with international students and international education opportunities for SC4 students. She works with international students from their first inquiry about SC4 through the visa process. Chirco is also working on further developing international education opportunities for SC4 students and helps uncover funding options.

Angel Chirco photo credit Liz Whittemore
Angel Chirco photo credit Liz Whittemore

“In short,” Chirco said “This is a dynamic and rewarding situation.”

With Chirco, students are her number one priority. Her favorite part of her job is working with the students. “Every student is on their own path, they have their own goals, and being part of their journey and success is an honor. I recall vividly what it’s like to be a student and relate to the adventures and challenges they’re navigating,” said Chirco.

Chirco said that her favorite part of her job was the balance of freedom and structure to do new things and improve existing things.

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