/Chaos Column 58-13

Chaos Column 58-13

I’ll be the first to tell you how dissatisfied I am with the popular music of the last decade. I typically dismiss the auto-tuned, overplayed, and under-talented robot voices that have come to dominate the airwaves as of late. As a radio DJ for the last 6 years, I may know better than most my age.

Thanks to the Internet, even the most abysmal of musical styles can be turned into something enjoyable and genuinely interesting. In comes Eric Stanley, one of many Youtubers who can turn even the darkest coal into a shining gem.

19 year old Stanley, also known by his screen name “estan247” performs a plethora of popular music covers, often rap or hip hop on a rather unorthodox instrument for the style; a violin. Stumbling across his symphonic melodies as they turn the familiar sounds of such “artists” as Eminem or Usher into actual art was probably one of the most refreshing experiences I’ve had on the web in a long time.

He also has a very modern approach to the industry, with a Facebook and Twitter account that provide his music free of charge, with information about how to book him for live performances. I can only hope that the future yields more Eric Stanleys and less Rebecca Blacks.

Interestingly enough, he covers her as well and does the impossible by making “Friday” enjoyable.

Keep up the good work Mr. Stanley.

Cody Kimball