/A Free College Day Experience
Free College photo credit Courtney Jacobs

A Free College Day Experience

Free? College?

That’s right; Saturday, April 2 was Saint Clair County Community College’s annual Free College Day event.

“It seems like a real success this year. There wasn’t an open parking spot available this morning, and I got here early,” said Drew Saunders, a Marysville resident.

Saunders attended the “Solar Energy Basics” class, and had many positive comments about the experience. “I thought it was real informative.”

Zach Campo, a Saint Clair resident, said, “This year seemed to have more events.” Campo had a full schedule of classes. “I almost didn’t register in time for some of the ones I was wanted.”

Campo also said this event helps benefit the college by bringing people into the community. “You can tell certain classes are geared towards a certain demographic, and I think that’s a good idea—more people can come and experience the free college day.”

“This was my first year at SC4’s college,” Said Jessica Hayes, a visitor who doesn’t live locally.  “I thought it was really well organized; people were standing at all the doors ready to help.” Jessica Hayes attended the “Holistic Care for Horses,” “A History of Great Lakes Shipping,” “Explore the Edmund Fitzgerald,” “Europe on a Shoestring” and “How Sweet: Cake Decorating” classes. She said her favorite class was the “Holistic Care for Horses,” but she found “Europe on a Shoestring” especially interesting.

Free College photo credit Courtney Jacobs
Free College photo credit Courtney Jacobs

Vicki Butcher, a Port Huron resident, really enjoyed spending her time at SC4’s Free College Day on her weekend home from college. “I’ve actually never been to SC4’s campus before. I went straight to Michigan State last fall, but I’m here today with a friend today who is a student here, and the campus is really nice. I’m even a bit surprised at how helpful everyone working here is to people. I think I might consider even taking a summer class here.”

Courtney Jacobs

Staff Writer