/A disarming of farewells

A disarming of farewells

I’ll be back.”

They’re the words of both the Terminator and Skeletor. And they’re my words to the “Erie Square Gazette” and Saint Clair County Community College.

In the fall I will find myself married and at Oakland University, starting a family and pursuing a career in journalism.

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, I was a nervous guy walking into SC4 for the first time. I certainly hadn’t thought of being a journalist before, nor did I until my third semester.

At the risk of being cliché, I found myself at this college. In the past few years, I’ve been a reporter, a radio personality, a television anchor, an actor and an active community member.

Now I just found out I’m graduating Magna Cum Laude. Not bad for a high school dropout.

I’ve made some great friends here at SC4 and the “Gazette.” And I’ve had some experiences I wouldn’t trade for a king’s ransom.

Early in my term as Editor in Chief, a quartet of us had the brilliant idea to climb up McMorran tower and get photographs. Four people with journalists’ physiques trekked up a comically large spiral staircase, only to be met with a a room that had very little circulation or shade. We never said we were the smartest people in the room.

One October afternoon found me dressed as a Ghostbuster, walking through downtown Port Huron in the midst of a zombie parade. One of the stops found us in a museum full of brassieres. It was then that I knew my high school guidance counselor had no idea what he was talking about.

At first I thought it would be difficult to say “goodbye” to this place. But it grew easier as I realized it wasn’t a “goodbye,” but in fact a “see you later.”

I feel privileged to have called SC4 and the ESG my home. If it takes me years, decades or a whole lifetime, I’ll be back to support the college, the paper and those who make both of them possible.

Brian Johnston

Copy Editor