/SC4 to send students abroad

SC4 to send students abroad

Four students from SC4 will head to Chiquimula, Guatemala the last week of May to study at SC4’s sister college, the University of San Clarlos.

Jonathon Brewer, Rachel Olivia Kobylas, Matthew Boyd and Twana Pinskey will receive one credit in sociology 195 (service abroad) while in Guatemala. They will be housed by USC staff according to a SC4 news release.

Kobylas says she is honored to represent SC4 and Port Huron on a global level. “I have always had a personal passion for education, travel, culture, diversity and humanitarian efforts,” Kobylas said.

This trip will allow me to learn more in each of these and bring these experiences back to Sc4 to be shared with everyone,” said Kobylas.

Kobylas hopes to use the educational opportunities she has been given to further the international relations and networking for SC4.

This trip will be a monumental mind-blowing opportunity,” said Kobylas, whose international experience so far has been Canada.

This group was selected by the ICE Committee, according to Pinskey who is an experienced traveler abroad. She has been on five mission trips to Honduras.
Brewer is current student body Treasurer and vice president elect. Kobylas is current student body vice president. Boyd is current treasure Elect, and Pinskey is editor-in-chief of the ESG.

Rachael Krafft

Staff Writer