/Who’s the werewolf?

Who’s the werewolf?

Little Red Riding Hood” has been told before, but not like this.
The story begins with a nearly useless scene from the past. Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is young and playing with her ongoing crush, Peter (Shiloh Fernandez). Valerie and Peter are then seen several years later flirting and planning to leave town together. A werewolf then kills Valerie’s sister and the town becomes very frightened. Their plan to kill the werewolf begins.
The town hires a man to guide them in killing the werewolf. Their many attempts are quickly thwarted, and all hope seems to be lost. The werewolf keeps killing, but he has his eyes on Valerie.
Valerie discovers the werewolf can speak, but only to her. He wants her to run away with him and refuses to stop killing until she does. Valerie refuses several times, becoming adamant to discover who the werewolf is. She realizes the best time to kill him is during the day.
Aside from her issues with the werewolf, her mother hopes she will marry the wealthy Henry (Max Irons), but Valerie holds her heart for Peter. The feud between Henry and Peter is unusually civil, but their fight for her safety is strong.
The werewolf’s identity is difficult to figure out. Every time it seems like the answer is there, it is shifted to another suspect.
The werewolf appears to resemble werewolves from “Twilight,” aside from smaller size and jagged fur. “Little Red Riding Hood” is no longer little, but this does not take away interest from the story.
The only thing that makes this movie resemble the story is the classic lines Little Red Riding Hood speaks to her grandmother. While the lines seem forced, it does not take away from the movie. It is an easily forgettable scene, not the climax of the movie.

The classic story has been transformed to meet its PG-13 rating. Scenes are often dark, and some images may be frightening for children under the age of 13.
While “Little Red Riding Hood” is an interesting and suspenseful look at a classic tale, it’s not a “must-see.” Wait for the DVD.

Lauren Creech
Staff Writer