/SC4 Custodians Care

SC4 Custodians Care

They go quietly about their business here at SC4, making sure our restrooms are working, light bulbs are changed and a campus this large goes operates without a hitch. Perhaps you don’t notice them, but they are here; the custodial staff of Teamsters Local 214 at St. Clair County Community College.

This dedicated group of individuals has been just as impacted by the earthquake in Japan as the rest of the SC4 campus.

Illustration by Zachary Penzien

The 8.9 earthquake and resulting tsunami that ravaged Japan his captured the attention of individuals around the world. According to a March 13 article on www.thenews.com.pk, the waves from the tsunami were 33 feet tall and “destroyed everything in their path.”

According to Shawn Jackson, custodial coordinator at SC4, he and his fellow custodial staff wanted to do something to give back.

Jackson said the Teamsters Local 214 collecting non-perishable foods and medical supplies such as bandages, alcohol and peroxide. Jackson said food is more of a necessity when donators are considering what to give.

The drive will last about three weeks, after the college gives the Local 214 permission to begin. All donations will be sent to the American Red Cross

He said that no money will be taken in the drive, but those wishing to donate monetarily may do so at the Red Cross Website (www.redcross.org/JapanEarthquake.)

I do that (give food) every fall,” said Kalyn Clark.

At least a decent amount,” said Tim Jobbitt.

Jackson said that no goal is set for donations, but “we (the teamsters) just wish to help out these poor unfortunate souls in their time of crisis, any amount we gather will no doubt help out, in ways we could not understand in our own daily lives.”

Angel Shappee

Staff Writer

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Editor –in-Chief