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You don’t have to have a six-pack, zero percent body fat, or attend spin class on Tuesdays to be involved with the Health and Wellness Club.

A common misconception is that the club is composed of health buffs. Though they promote healthier living, they also wish to improve lifestyles and become more involved with the student body and community.

President of the Health and Wellness Club Chad Barnes said, “In my opinion you don’t have to be just strictly hitting the gym to feel good about yourself. If you can get people involved in helping other people, that’s the way to do it.”

Currently the club is fundraising for events they would like to host. Most recently they hosted a pie-throwing contest, which took place in the Student Center last month.

Next, the Health and Wellness Club will host a CPR training course on April 6, free of charge. The cost for the CPR course is normally anywhere between $20-50 for each student. The instructor for this course will be a member American Heart Association. The club hopes to host the CPR course three times a semester, but capacity for each the course is limited.

The club is still planning a food drive and nature walk. The food drive will help the community feed those less fortunate, while the nature walk will give people a chance to do something fun with others in their community.

If you would like to get involved with the Health and Wellness Club or help out with an event, their meetings are every other Wednesday in the Student Center.

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor