/Cody’s Chaos Column 58-12

Cody’s Chaos Column 58-12

Surely all of us recall, at some point, arranging magnetic letters on the refrigerator door. As with most things, the Internet has found a way to reinvent that adolescent activity, all the while maintaining its childishness.

Lunchtimers” (www.lunchtimers.com) is a simple web application which simulates hundreds of plastic letter magnets that you can rearrange at will… if you can.

The twist is that you aren’t the only one who can move the letters. Any person on the page can drag them away as soon as you release them. So if you manage to spell a complete sentence, consider yourself lucky. Often you’re competing for the same letters as a dozen or so other users.

And of course, with this sort of tool, childishness can prevail, as foul language and shapes can be created without moderation. It is also available as an app for mobile devices so you can waste time on the wall anywhere you go!

Cody Kimball