/As economy goes down, student prices go up.

As economy goes down, student prices go up.

At a meeting held Thursday, March 17, the SC4 Board of Trustees voted unanimously to increase tuition.

In-district students will pay $91 per credit hour versus the previous $89. Out of district students will pay $177 per contact hour, up from $170. Out-of-state students pay $258 a contact hour versus $247.

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The decline of local and state revenue given to the school and a decrease in enrollment have been blamed for the tuition increase.

According to President Kevin Pollock, tuition is one of three ways SC4 generates revenue along with state and local taxes, which are both declining. “The three combined, along with cuts that have been made over the past year, will balance the college’s budget and allow us to maintain the programs and services we offer the students,” said Pollock

Jesse Todd, a current student, said, “It would suck. I already struggle financially at times with the Nelnet payment plan.”

The financial increase at first glance, looks like no big deal, but the impact of it could really hurt some students next year,” said chemistry major Donna Akin-Sherwood.

SC4 offers a booklet with a list of scholarships offered by various businesses and donors during the fall and winter semesters. The deadline for these scholarship opportunities is usually at the beginning of March.

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