//TRIO offers student support services

TRIO offers student support services

A nationwide program to help students from “disadvantaged backgrounds” is now available at SC4. Student Support Services TRIO is funded by a $1.1 million Department of Education grant, and is looking for 140 students to enroll for free in the coming weeks, said Misty Loughmiller, TRIO student support services director. First generation students (neither of whose parents have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher), those with disabilities, or students eligible for the Pell grant are likely qualify for the program.

According to Loughmiller, many SC4 students are eligible for the program. However, enrollment is limited to 140 students, according to the SC4 website.

Loughmiller said the TRIO program provides specialized student services in many areas including intensive individualized tutoring, advising and counseling, assistance applying for and writing financial aid letters, career services, and anything college-preparatory related, as well as campus-visitation and transfer.

According to the SC4 website, the program offers other benefits as well, including priority registration for SC4 classes, and “cultural activities and field trips.”

Two orientations are scheduled for those interested in the program on Tuesday, Feb. 8, in room 210 of the Main Building. The first session will be held at 2 p.m. and second session at 5 p.m.

Those with questions or interest in the program can email Misty Loughmiller at mdloughmiller@sc4.edu.

Cody Kimball