/“Strings” full of loose threads

“Strings” full of loose threads

Not every movie can have it all.

While “No Strings Attached” has humor and romance, it lacks something very important: sustenance.

The film stars Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher as the lead roles, two childhood friends who accidentally sleep together. They then decide to keep their relationship “no strings attached” in order to preserve their friendship. Except, how long can this pair maintain their carefree relationship before someone starts to develop feelings?

Although this isn’t the typical romantic comedy, the movie still seems very predictable, and very poorly put together. The rapid scene changes make the movie feel choppy and thrown together. One second the characters are at a funeral and the next second they in bed.

The movie previews may be full of many laughs, but that’s not exactly true for the film. Some lines are supposed to be funny, but they just don’t deliver.And the previews don’t display the characters of the film accurately.

Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) are extremely flippant and vain, while in the previews they appear to be relaxed and entertaining. Also, the way the film depicts “medical students” is a complete insult to anyone in the field. But if you can look past all the obvious imperfections and the mediocre plot then the movie isn’t entirely terrible.

Natalie Portman appears to be in all the news lately for her many movie releases and awards, but this movie doesn’t quite do the actress justice. The film is clever and witty, but nothing like Natalie Portman’s other recent releases.

“No Strings Attached” features good contrast and chemistry between Portman’s and Kutcher’s character’s relationship, but it almost comes off as fabricated sometimes.Overall, the movie is extremely blunt and uncensored, but does have some humor and a romantic twist.

Courtney Jacobs

Staff Writer