/Stay home or brave it?

Stay home or brave it?

Snowpocolypse” ripped through Southeast Michigan on Tuesday, Feb.1 into Wednesday Feb. 2.

Tuesday night, SC4 officials made a call to cancel school for Wednesday. The text went out around 9:30. In the morning, many students found themselves snowed-in, proving this to be wise decision by the college.

Shawn Starkey, Executive Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Legislative Affairs, said that the decision to close involves a complicated process and many people.

For those students who were concerned about their attendance affecting their grade, Starkey said the faculty has agreed to work with those students who take the time to contact their professors in regards to inclement weather.

Understandably, students who live down roads not generally top on the plow’s priority list were unable to make it. The SC4 website encouraged students to use discretion in regards to safe travel. It also said to contact your professors if you are unable to make it due to road conditions.

Thursday brought a mixture of feelings on campus closing. On the SC4 Facebook page, many expressed concern over how far they had to drive, conditions near their homes and the safety of driving long distances.

Others posted updates on how the roads looked in Port Huron. Some students reported that they attempted to make it to class Thursday, only to get stuck in their own driveways or roads near home. Many classes reported only about half-attendance Thursday, and some professors cancelled their classes.

On campus Thursday, students hanging around the college center all felt that the college made the right call. Some reported having to leave a little early. Others reported almost getting stuck on some of the side roads.

One student traveling from the St. Clair/ East China area reported that the roads were not very clear in that area, but she made it. Some said it would have been nice if the plows had made it through just one more time before they left. By afternoon, the remaining snow and ice on the roadways and sidewalks had melted.

Tiffany Higgins
Staff Writer