/Professor Pennington’s purse purloined

Professor Pennington’s purse purloined

It was a weekend full of phone calls and emergency appointments for Professor Holly Pennington and her husband Chris.
Feb.3 around 3:30 Thursday afternoon Professor Pennington realized her purse was missing. She had left it under her desk in her classroom. Her students were mainly in the lobby of the theater room working on drawing the snow they could see out the windows. The purse was a black rectangular purse with an adjustable strap. It had about six different zipper compartments.
In the purse were her car keys, house key, credit card, checkbook and identification. She and her husband had to take the car in to be rekeyed. They called in a locksmith to replace the lock on their home. The credit card had to be cancelled, and the bank required them to open a new checking account. Pennington then had to contact three companies to defend herself against identity theft.
Pennington is most upset about the loss of her working portfolio. It was a clear storage bag with photos of her artwork. Some of these date back to her graduate school days and others were photographs of commissioned pieces. There is no monetary value to these items, but they are her only records of these works, and are extremely valuable to her.
There was a suspicious person who walked through the lobby while she and her students were there. He did not look like a college student and was carrying a brown paper bag in his hand. The shape didn’t resemble any liquor bottles, and struck Professor Pennington as odd. Later, she realized that she had paper bags on the desk just above where her purse had disappeared from. He wore all dark clothing. He had on a dark jacket, possibly dark green, and had dark colored hair.
Anyone who believes they may have any information regarding this incident is asked to contact art department secretary Karen Jazewski at (810)989-5709.

Tiffany Higgins
Staff Writer