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I admit that it can be morally wrong and illegal to use sites such as “ThePirateBay.org” or “kickasstorrents.com” to expand your music or movie library but I can also justify it like this:
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is coming after people for the majority of these infractions on behalf of the artist, and not the artists themselves. I find this very disturbing. An artist literally only makes pennies on the sale of their CD and then they get paid by their record company for making the music, which in some cases is no longer legally the artist’s intellectual property.

When you purchase a CD with a base cost of $15.99 here’s how it breaks down.

$0.17 Musicians’ unions

$0.80 Packaging/manufacturing

$0.82 Publishing royalties

$0.80 Retail profit

$0.90 Distribution

$1.60 Artists’ royalties

$1.70 Label profit

$2.40 Marketing/promotion

$2.91 Label overhead

$3.89 Retail overhead

So my thoughts are that even if I was a millionaire recording artist or filmmaker, or associated with the entertainment industry in another way, at least my ideas are getting out there and getting seen. I am not making any less of an impact on the world than I would be if I got paid one million dollars per letter typed. Hell, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, AND Frank Sinatra are worth more now in death than they were in life. Where’s the justice there?
So as all of these RIAA big wigs sit behind their desks counting the millions of dollars they lose due to person to person (P2P) file sharing, what they should be doing is wondering why in the hell the artists who truly make the music didn’t see more of what should be theirs in the first place.

Ray Robinson

Managing Editor