/Jack Frost blows Frosty away from St. Clair

Jack Frost blows Frosty away from St. Clair

Jack Frost brought snow to St. Clair, but it wasn’t the type that was needed for building a snowman army.

After being crowned “Snowman Making Champion of the Free World,” Frosty, a two-and-a-half foot tall snowman trophy, now takes up residence in Saline, MI.

There were a total of four Michigan city competitors in the first-ever event. They were Saline, Sault Sainte Marie, Zeeland, and St. Clair. Much like St. Clair, Sault Sainte Marie also experienced unfavorable snowman-building weather.

Jody Skonieczny, Executive Director of the St. Clair Chamber of Commerce said, “The snow was very, very dry and powdery. All these communities saw their residents come out and they had a great time, nobody lost in all of this.” Skonieczny also made mention that there will be another contest in 2012, “We’re just going to keep our fingers crossed that we have some nice wet snow next year.”

“Frosty,” the trophy won on Saturday, Jan. 29 is hand-carved from Michigan White Birch wood. The base of the trophy reads, “Snowman Making Champion of the Free World.” Photo credit: www.michiganradionews.org

The object of this competition was to build the most snowmen in a two-hour period. Mechanical devices were not allowed, and for a snowman needed to be at least four feet tall to count. Anyone in the community was allowed to attend but no more than 50 people may work on the snowmen at any given time.

St. Clair’s snowmen were built on Clinton Avenue during their Winter White Out festival. If you were interested in seeing them, that won’t happen, unless you were present during the build. They’ve since been torn due to their residence in the road which was impeding traffic.

St. Clair constructed 113 snowmen. Zeeland created 268. Saline blew the competition away with 483 snowmen.

Saline’s winning technique? People power, snow shovels and garbage cans. Snow stuffed into 32-gallon and 20-gallon trash cans were used for the two sections of the body.

Rachel Olivia Kobylas

Staff Writer