/Heart Shaped Boxes: Half Off

Heart Shaped Boxes: Half Off

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, many can relax and breathe a sigh of relief that they have survived yet another Valentine’s Day, while others scramble to find a way to make up for forgetting the “most romantic” day of the year.

I have always found the common scenario of a friend feverishly scrambling to make up for (gasp!) forgetting Valentine’s day to be comical. I mean, really, how could one miss the aisles of heart-shaped cookies, and boxes of candy stored near every check outline in nearly every store in existence? Blindness? Blatant Ignorance? Perhaps they spent the last month in a coma.

In most cases the day was not truly forgotten, just put off. In which case one could rush out to the stores in the days that follow and scavenge for a sweet card, a box of candy and a cuddly stuffed animal all marked down nearly by 75 percent.

Even roses drop to half-price after Valentine’s Day. You can stop in at the supermarket and get a dozen nearly-fresh roses for as little as six dollars.

A couple could even get a nice romantic hotel room for a portion of the cost if booked during the week instead of the weekend.

In the case of the late celebration, one could spoil their lover far more then they could have on the same budget that would have been spent on the bare necessities pre-V-day.

In other cases, the celebration of romance was not a high priory on the forgetters list. In these cases, the partner who felt forgotten should think about what they did for the forgetter, maybe they did not think that Valentine’s Day was a big deal to you.

Maybe you made a few statements hinting that you are not the candy/flowers type of person. Maybe you joked about the “Hallmark holiday” without realizing that your partner saw that statement as free pass on the pocketbook-breaking day they use to dread yearly. They do not love you any less, they just thought you were on the same page.

Maybe they are so comfortable with your relationship that they feel they don’t need a special day to celebrate the love they share with you daily.

Or maybe it was a silent revelation that the romance wasn’t worth celebrating. In which case buying yourself a box of chocolates and bottle of campaign is perfectly acceptable.

Whatever the case maybe, for the next few weeks one can walk into most drug stores or supermarkets to find clearance shelves and bins filled with marked down “symbols” of love and affection.

Rachael Krafft

Staff writer