/HACked to pieces
HAC Collapse

HACked to pieces

319 Huron Ave in Port Huron held many memories for residents of the area.

Patricia Ledsworth, who grew up on Wright Street before the bridge was built on top of where her childhood home sat, remembers going to The Family Theater as a child. According to Ledsworth, a bag of popcorn cost five cents.

With four or five other theaters downtown, the Family Theater did not stay in business, but the building was not empty for long.

HAC Collapse
Collage of the Huron Athletic Club on demolition day. Photos by Brian Johnston. Illustration by Liz Whittmore

Marylee Schmidt, 70, says before it was the Huron Athletic Club, “it was the men’s clothing store.” Schmidt said there was not another place for men to go pick out nice slacks and coats.

“The owner, George Innes, knew everybody in town,” said Schmidt, 71. “He passed away early this month. What a shame, that was the nicest store.” Innes hand-tailored the clothing sold to Port Huron Area shoppers.

Hannah Redlawski of SC4 remembers it being the only other place men could shop other then JC Penney.

With 319 Huron Ave in the spotlight again, online communities are buzzing with memories.  The Times Herald’s website is littered with comments regarding the fallen HAC, remembering the good old days, and not sparing any feelings when it came to the opinion of what became of the building.

The memoires like that of Schmidt and Ledsworth have fallen way to memories of a sports bar with a floor made from a basketball court, and rentable pool tables.

“The HAC was the easiest place for those parked in Mcmoran parking lot to hit up after an Icehawks game,” said Warren Ledsworth, 77.

The HAC’s removal will leave an empty spot in the heart of downtown Port Huron.

Rachael Krafft

Staff writer