/Global Awareness Club creates Global Opportunities

Global Awareness Club creates Global Opportunities

The SC4 Global Awareness Club is dedicated to educating its membership and the community on a variety of international and local topics. Some of these topics include humanitarian efforts, social entrepreneurism, economics, cultural studies, international relations, studies abroad and networking.

Many impoverished communities exist here at home as well as scattered across the globe. Families and individuals, through no fault of their own, have been thrust into poverty. They could possibly end up residing in illness-filled communities without proper sanitation or clean water.

They struggle to survive and to provide for their families or loved ones. Some of these problems can be cured simply by providing the framework for proper sanitation, or providing humanitarian medical efforts. Other situations can be remedied by educating communities, giving them the required knowledge to live a higher quality of life and the tools to be able to maintain it.

As a globally conscious club, we are dedicated to assisting wherever and whenever possible. Our plan begins with a trip to New York University where we will be meeting with Professor William Easterly, author of “The White Man’s Burden: Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good.”

With this opportunity we will be developing ideas, furthering training in social entrepreneurism, while giving our team tools and hands-on experience to assist communities around the world.

The New York University meeting is a precursor to an opportunity that the Global Awareness Club, in collaboration with the International Cultural Education Committee, is currently working on.

The opportunity is sending a few students to Chiquimula, Guatemala. Chiquimula is the sister city of Port Huron, and (CUNORI) University Center East is the sister college to St. Clair County Community College.

While in Chiquimula, The Global Awareness Club plans to spend time in local communities and the CUNORI East campus to gain a better understanding of the global landscape. Another goal is to lay the groundwork for further future opportunities and enhanced communication.

The meeting times for Global Awareness Club are: Wednesday Feb. 23, Thursday March 17, Wednesday March 30, Monday April 11, Thursday April 14, all of which are located in room 207B in the North Building. All who share a global passion and interest are more than welcome to attend.

Matthew Boyd

Global Awareness Club – President