/Defending against zombies and helping the community

Defending against zombies and helping the community

The zombie apocalypse is coming. The Zombie Defense Council wishes to prepare St. Clair County and the students here at SC4 for when it happens. The members meet once weekly to play video games and board games. The club also hosts movie screenings and bake sales for fundraising.

The Zombie Defense Council drafts their constitution during a meeting. Left to right: Cody Kimball, Joe Garcia, Thomas Grambau, Doug Johnson, Robert Kroll, Casey Capps, Nicole Dubs, Benjamin Vanderende and Tim Jobbitt. Illustration by Alysia Burge.

The club is still new. It has only been active for about a year. In the course of that year, its members have participated in many fundraising events. They helped with Coats for Kids and the Zombie Walk canned food drive. They have hosted both a bake sale and two movie screenings. The club has accumulated upwards of $500. They also hosted Toys for Tots this past Christmas and collected approximately 150 toys.

Recently, the members decided that the money they raised would be best spent helping the community. This is how they intend to help. The club donated $100 to the soup kitchen at St. Martin Lutheran Church in Port Huron. Another $100 will go to the Blue Water Humane Society because they have a “weakness for kitties and doggies.” The Childrens’ Hospital of Detroit will receive $100 worth of DVDs and video games through the Child’s Play charity.

The club also plans to purchase $100 worth of blankets for the Blanket Drive at the VFW Post 796. The blankets will go to troops in Afghanistan because it gets very cold at night.

According to Bob Kroll, the club’s faculty advisor, the members are just about settled into the new semester and are hoping to host another movie screening soon. New members are always welcome.

The group meets in the College Center around 4 p.m. on Tuesday afternoons. Currently, the club has about 160 members on Facebook and between 20 and 30 active members on campus.

Tiffany Higgins

Staff writer