/College Goal Sunday

College Goal Sunday

SC4 staff helped 70 people with their FAFSA paperwork at College Goal Sunday Feb. 13 in the Citizens First M-TEC building.
The SC4 staff greeted students and their families at the door, then began working on the FAFSA paperwork while SC4 financial aid advisors helped answer questions. Upon completing the worksheet, they made their way upstairs to the computer lab to log into the FAFSA website and fill out the forms online.
“It was very helpful,” said Bianca Marrogy, who came to the event with her mother. “We got all our questions answered.”

college goal sunday photo credit Tiffany Higgins

Josh Sawdon described the event as “fast.” His mother, Mary Caldwell, said she was “really impressed.” She even received help fixing a previous year’s FAFSA for her other son even though he attends a different college.
Matt Liebetreu, a senior at Marine City High School who plans to attend SC4 in the fall, came with his father to fill out all his FAFSA paperwork and apply for a scholarship. He said the program was “good.”
Some were unsatisfied, saying they had expected a presentation of some type. One couple said they were looking for help to fix a mistake they had made on their child’s FAFSA. They did however say, “It is a great idea for people who haven’t done FAFSA before.”
Along with the FAFSA help, a table with brochures and pamphlets helped answer questions and supplied scholarship applications. The large turnout caused the organizers to open a second computer room to handle the overflow.

Tiffany Higgins
Staff Writer