If you wear black clothes you’re gothic, and if a guy has long hair then he’s a hippie. Right?

These are common stereotypes; assumptions about a person’s character based mostly on their appearance. This has always been an issue, but one without a reasonable solution.

Photo by Dewayne Cowles under a Creative Commons Licence.

Why do we stereotype? “It’s a learned habit,” said Danielle Lee, 18. It’s impossible to meet every single person to avoid any prejudice.

Kraig Archer, a Sociology teacher here at SC4 said that “We tend to believe that we are superior to people in other groups. This explains the power of stereotypes-it appeals to people who are powerless and who lack self esteem”

When people stereotype they are hiding behind a wall.  We seek comfort in others that have the same interests, views, and beliefs.  When it all boils down the final question is “what can we do to stop our society from stereotyping?”

Sadly there is no real solution to putting people into separate groups.

Unfortunately no matter what we say or do, stereotyping will continue to live on.

Jessica Jack

Staff Writer