/Nursing at SC4—A Challenge, But Worth It

Nursing at SC4—A Challenge, But Worth It

If you’re thinking about becoming an SC4 nursing student, you’d better be prepared to become consumed by the workload and schedule.

Unanimously, most nursing students agreed that the program at SC4 is challenging and strenuous. They also agreed that the program is worth the effort, as long as you have a good support system. Although the program is demanding, all the nursing students continue to believe that the grading and requirement system is practical.

I do feel that it is fair for nursing students to have to achieve an 80 percent in the program because we have lives in our hands. Personally, I wouldn’t want a ‘D’ average student performing medical care on me,” said Kellie Bartmanski Baird, a current SC4 nursing student.

SC4’s nursing program usually averages an 80 percent or higher success rate, but this year that isn’t the case. At the start of the fall semester 100 students were admitted to the program, but at the end of the fall semester only 68 remained in the program.

Thus, the highest success rate SC4’s nursing program could have this year is 68 percent, and that’s only possible if all the remaining students were readmitted into the current winter semester. It seems that many of the most recent students underestimated the dedication this program requires.

In the nursing program it can sometimes be hard to raise your grade after just one poor test score. And getting a good grade on a test can often be a challenge since the tests are created in a critical thinking format. So, it isn’t just knowing the information, but it’s knowing how to apply it.

It’s not only the grades that count; it’s also the personality of the student. There are certain qualities a nursing student needs to develop before leaving the program. As you achieve the grades you aren’t just learning information, but you are also learning traits that you need in order to be successful in the “real world.”

Nurses must be determined, hardworking and responsible. And that is exactly what SC4’s program teaches.

Kellie Bartmanski Baird said, “The grade doesn’t just show your academic ability, it also holds you to be responsible, and that’s what the nursing profession comes down too, being responsible.”

Courtney Jacobs

Staff Writer