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Kinect to this

With over three million units sold, the Xbox Kinect showed large esteem during the holiday season. Microsoft’s motion technology is remarkable on a technological and entertaining standpoint.

At first glance the Kinect looks just like a larger bulkier version of a web cam, but it does so much more. Using its internal computer, it adjusts to the best angle to view all movement in the area

xbox kinect photo credit Phillip Torrone available under a Creative Commons license

The Kinect is also very easy to set up, it simply plugs into any vacant USB port on the back of the Xbox 360 and it’s ready to go, after a quick tutorial.

The Xbox Kinect also has a voice activation feature allowing easy access to Netflix and Zune Marketplace, as well as many other applications by responsive voice control.

A unique feature the Kinect touts is face recognition software. By following a few instructions on the Kinect Hub an individual can lock their gamer profile with face recognition, which comes in handy when many games offer multiplayer drop-ins.

Most of the games offered by the Kinect are party games, consisting of short, fun mini-games that make player use physical prowess to win. Games such as “Dance Central” teach the player actual dance moves such as the cabbage patch and grapevine, relying on the player to accurately execute each.

Whether you’re dancing by yourself or running hurdles with a friend, the system reminds you of how foolish you look by snapping photos periodically or recording short videos that are then saved to your hard drive or easily uploaded to Xbox Live.

Nearly anyone can find something of interest out of the new Kinect, whether it’s the quirky, fun and physically active games or the interesting and unique features offered by the system. There’s something entertaining for all to experience.

Eric Merrill

Staff Writer