/“Green Hornet” is a bee-plus

“Green Hornet” is a bee-plus

The Green Hornet” is quite the buzz this week, bringing in 3.4 million dollars at the box office.
Any hesitation to see it is not needed.
The film begins with a harsh scene from the past. James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) tells his son Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), “There is no use in trying because you always fail.” Decapitating his son’s favorite action figure before his eyes, James sets the foundation for his hard-partying, lazy lifestyle 20 years later.

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When his father unexpectedly dies, Britt is expected to take over his father’s media empire, “The Daily Sentinel.”
He turns to his previous servant and future sidekick Kato, (Jay Chou), when his coffee is lacking in flavor. They come together when they discover their hatred towards James and love of an adrenaline rush.
Once Britt discovers Kato’s ability to create nearly indestructible vehicles with insane weapon attachments, he convinces Kato to help him fight crime and become a famous hero.
Britt dresses up as “The Green Hornet” and makes himself famous through his father’s newspaper. But there is just one problem.
Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christopher Waltz), the biggest image-conscious criminal in Los Angeles, fears The Green Hornet is ruining his image and makes it his goal to kill the hero.

This action-packed comedy is worth the money for the adventure and the amazing car.
“The Green Hornet” is unpredictable which makes the adventure. From unnecessary fight scenes to car chases, you won’t be bored, even with your nearly useless 3D glasses on.
It is never known what crazy things Kato may have done to their car since their previous endeavors. This is definitely the highlight of the movie. Just when you think the car can’t get anymore “badass,” it does.
If Seth Rogen’s usual attempts at comedy can be overlooked, this movie will not be a disappointment.

Lauren Creech
Staff Writer