/End of the Board?

End of the Board?

At SC4’s Jan. 3 board meeting, trustee Edward H. Schultz worried over possible cuts from Michigan’s newly elected Governor Rick Snyder. The worry affected the mood of Board Appreciation Month, which the board celebrated with cookies and coffee.

Schultz mentioned a rumor circulating statewide about a meeting of 15 university presidents, in which Gov. Snyder mentioned a possible  “executive order” which “if not reversed by the legislature in 90 days… we’re gone… as with every other institution that has a board.”

Board president Dr. Kevin A. Pollock answered Schultz’s concerns by saying “There is a lot of speculation… I will keep you posted.”

Pollock said he will get feedback on Snyder’s plans regarding college boards at an upcoming legislative luncheon Jan. 24, which will be open to the public in the Alumni room of the student center. Area representative Phil Pavlov and other state officials will attend.

According to board chair John Adair, Schultz mentioned “the new administration’s potential concept of restructuring governing boards for universities and community colleges.” Adair said, “It is far too early to tell where that will go.”

Other minutes included elections, in which the board unanimously voted to retain Adair as chair, with Dr. Nicholas J. DeGrazia as vice chair.

The Board welcomed new trustees Denise M. Brooks and Professor-emeritus Robert E. Tansky.

Adair already has goals in mind for this year. “The most immediate thing I’d like to get accomplished is to successfully finalize our HLC accreditation process,” he said.  “After that, in addition to the core of providing high quality education, I’d like to see us work together with the SC4 Foundation to raise funds for the long-term investment in the college.”

DeGrazia agreed with Adair, saying, “We need to get the two groups (The board and Foundation) together as soon as possible and reaffirm what we have already agreed to and make sure we haven’t missed something.”

Adair said the board would discuss its relationship with the SC4 Foundation at the next board retreat.

The board also voted in favor of joining SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council of Governments) which should “develop and align quality partnerships and strategically manage college resources to maximize benefits for our students and community.” This will cost almost $994 a year from the general fund.

The board also accepted two donations, one of $500 from N.F. Knowlton of Port Huron, and the other being 26 Scientific Models and Specimens from Michael and Barbara Sincak of Hollsopple, PA.

Rachael Krafft

Staff Writer