/Chaos Column 58-8 – QWOP

Chaos Column 58-8 – QWOP

How do you spell “frustration?” I spell it “QWOP.”

“QWOP” is a free web game on foddy.net, and also available as a smart phone application that is as addicting as it is frustrating. You play as “Qwop,” an Olympic runner from some small unnamed country.

Attempt number 56 for Cody to play "QWOP" "Qwop" property of Foddy.net

The goal is simple: Run 100 meters. The bad news is that it’s nearly impossible to do. The “Q” and “W” keys on your keyboard control your player’s thighs, and the “O” and “P” keys control your calves – sort of.

You’ll sure find yourself crashing and flipping before you can expect yourself to be going anywhere.

I’ve never made it more than 4 meters. Which is roughly one step and a fall.

I watched as Ray Robinson, the ESG Managing Editor played, and managed to make it 48 meters by dragging the player’s knee. Then at 50 meters, there’s a hurdle. Good luck with that.

But the expectations are rather low for you, so don’t feel bad. Even if you get a negative distance, you will be congratulated for your courage. “Everyone is a winner”.

Cody Kimball