//The price of leadership

The price of leadership

According to the Certified Student Leadership Program, one of the benefits of leading with integrity is that “it inspires trust in you.”

I have learned how leadership skills training provides increased skill levels and innovative techniques to improve morale, and also a trickledown effect that can leave a meaningful legacy for those who follow. Taking the Certified Leader Program online course has been a growth experience. I have been inspired as to how best use the skills I already have as well as developing new skills.

There were eight extensive modules, PowerPoint presentations and accompanying videos I had to complete as part of my training.

The caliber of the video presenters for my on-line course was the same as those who attend National leadership conferences in person, one of whom was Michael DeRosa.

DeRosa has spoken at more than 750 college and university groups, including here at St. Clair County Community College for last year’s Developing a Mentor Leadership Skills Seminar, April 2009.

After each module, I was given a quiz to measure my material comprehension level.  Each segment took ninety minutes to two hours to complete with an additional 30 minutes of review time before taking the module quiz. To become a certified Student Leader, I had to successfully take a final exam which took about 40 minutes to complete. I received a score of 97 percent on my final exam.

Students participating at the national level may have had the benefit of others to collaborate with however, all I had to do was call a toll-free number and there was someone available to speak with that could direct me to which video would answer my question.

As proud as I am of my achievement, I am perplexed as to why there is such a complicated and expensive process to complete this same certification in person, at a national convention, seeing that the two courses are the same. There are courses that can be added, but the only one required to be a certified student leader is identical no matter whether you take it online or in person.

I spent $129.00 to certify one NCLS Certified Leader, here on campus with the use of computers.

According to the SC4 Student Government Club account report dated Dec 2, the total cost to send five people (Student Government Executive Board members and Student Activities Coordinator) to the Florida conference was $7,154.

Cartoon by Zachary Penzien

Had the three Student government executive members taken the course on-line for $387, it would have saved the students of St. Clair County Community College $6,767.

Learning fiscal responsibility cost me $129,

Learning leadership skills cost them $7,154.

Knowing I can lead: priceless.

Twana Pinskey