/Have a Holly Jolly Deployment

Have a Holly Jolly Deployment

Imagine for a moment that instead of waking up to a warm cozy house with presents under your tree on Christmas, you wake up on a cot in the middle of a tent in Afghanistan. Not such a happy holiday, to say the least.

Among the many who will wake up overseas, SC4 political science professor Brent Forsgren is stationed in Afghanistan for the holidays. Forsgren is a member of the Michigan Army National Guard, and has been serving in the National Guard for 14 years, as well as being a professor at SC4 since January of 2001. He has been stationed in Afghanistan since May, and will stay in Afghanistan for the holidays much like many other soldiers.

Levi Audet, (21, formerly from Peck, MI) is a Marine stationed in North Carolina. He was deployed Tuesday morning to Afghanistan, leaving behind his young wife Taylor and 3 month old daughter Brooklyn in North Carolina.

“I only have 2 and a half years left in the military, so hopefully I will have a good deployment and come back to my family soon,” Audet said.

Taylor Audet, Levi’s wife said, “My heart sank when I watched him get on that bus and leave. I just started crying. I couldn’t help myself, especially since this is our first Christmas as a family.”

There are thousands of gut-wrenching stories to tell, seeing as how around 100,000 troops are currently deployed in Afghanistan according to the Department of Defense. Actually, NBC news reported that “a classified assessment of the war in Afghanistan by General McChrystal included his conclusion that a successful counterinsurgency strategy would require 500,000 troops and five years of fighting.”

This may mean that many more soldiers will be preparing for war soon. That’s more of our brothers, husbands, sons, and fathers who will be risking their lives for freedom. It is not only patriotic, but necessary that we keep these people in our thoughts. Check with your local American Legion, or VFW to learn how you can help our soldiers overseas during the holidays.

Savannah Wilcox

Business/Advertising Editor