/VIDEO : Fire at Fort Gratiot Chrysler Dealership

VIDEO : Fire at Fort Gratiot Chrysler Dealership

A fire, resulting from a downed power line according to witnesses, has consumed several vehicles at a local auto dealership. The fire was noticed by several, including SC4 student Tim Jobbitt, who was at work at the Fort Gratiot Little Caesars across the street at the time of the fire. According to Jobbiitt, the power went out at around 7:15pm on December 26, and returned, only to be lost again an hour later, which, according to witnesses, was the approximate start of the fire. Heather Margaret, 35, of Kimball was among the onlookers. Margaret, with her daughters Nia, 8 and Amiah, 10, noticed the fire and attempted to call 911 at 8:14. Authorities arrived on the seen shortly later. The fire was evidently caused by a downed power line which, according to Margaret, was resting on the first car which caught fire. Other cars caught fire later. The blaze and the electrical sparking and arcing attracted groups of onlookers. Vehicles traveling  past the scene were re-routed around the area. As of 9pm the fire was still in progress. Authorities were not available for comment at the time.
Cody Kimball