/Digital ESG takes steps forward.

Digital ESG takes steps forward.

The Erie Square Gazette website has added many new features over the past year.

The site (www.esgonline.org) now features articles and photos that cannot be found in the print version alone, and content between the bi-weekly hard copy.

iTunes is just one of many ways to get the news

ESG Online is also compatible with many mobile Internet devices, and console browsers for optimized display on your web-connected devices, such as Blackberries, cellphones, iPhones, Androids, PSPs and even Wii consoles.

The website also contains current weather conditions, buttons for sharing content on a variety of social networks including Facebook, and areas for advertisers and those with news to report to access information.

The ESG Youtube channel contains interviews and features exclusive to the Internet. Subscribe to be notified of new releases. The ESG also has Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter pages, to provide current news and links to content, wherever you are. A PDF viewer allows users to read and download a digital version of the hard copy for portability, with an archive of all of this year’s newspapers.

Podcasting is our latest feature, and audio versions of the newspaper can be listened to and downloaded from the website, or subscribed to free of charge from iTunes. Have the news automatically downloaded to your computer, and play it on your iPod!

What features would you like to see out of your school newspaper and news website? To submit your ideas or your feedback,  just comment below!

A preview of the Nintendo Wii version of the Digital ESG